Extrusion spheronization pelletization technique and Wurster coating (Bottom spray): A Review





Extrusion, spheronization, pelletization, granulation


This review article covers a range of topics related to the extrusion-spheronization method. The first section covers several pellet production steps like pelletization, extruder, solid dispersion, as well as trying to dry. In the second part, it is debated what numerous variables, including such hardware mixer, extrusion process, tension dish, as well as injection moulding screens, generic version moisture information, wet granulation fluid, preparations, as well as medications), also process (spheronizer pack, solid dispersion duration, solid dispersion pace, as well as trying to dry method), could indeed depend on the quality like granules. The ultimate segment helps explain many aspects regarding characterizing this same granule, including their distribution of particle size, surface morphology, and structure but also a measure of sampling adequacy, permeability, surface area, fracture toughness, and problems. As a result, flow behavior, dissolution, as well as dissociation. Wet granulation covering, leveraging bottom-spray free-flowing advanced technologies, is usually used to fabricate controlled by spraying the fixed amount of coating factor with the substrate.


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Vinay Kumar Rao Khadam, Himmat Singh Chawra, & Ravindra Pal Singh. (2023). Extrusion spheronization pelletization technique and Wurster coating (Bottom spray): A Review. Future Journal of Pharmaceuticals and Health Sciences, 3(3), 263–276. https://doi.org/10.26452/fjphs.v3i3.474



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