It is the responsibility of authors/ contributors to obtain permissions for reproducing any copyrighted material. A copy of the permission obtained must accompany the manuscript. Copies of any and all published articles or other manuscripts in preparation or submitted elsewhere that are related to the manuscript must also accompany the manuscript. In general, reusing or reproducing substantial portions of Pharma Springs Publication content requires permission. This includes use of text, figures, tables, multimedia content, and any other material published by Pharma Springs Publication. In some instances, Future Journal of Pharmaceuticals and Health Sciences may make its content freely viewable; however, such material may require permission for reuse. To seek permission, please review the information below.

Requesting Permission

Before placing a request, please review Pre-Approved Permission Request to determine whether permission for your reuse is necessary.

If you wish to reproduce or reuse material from Future Journal of Pharmaceuticals and Health Sciences Sponsored by Pharma Springs Publication which will require permission.

Process for Requesting Permission

Pharma Springs Publication has partnered with the Copyright Clearance Centre for the administration of requests for permission to reuse and/or photocopy Pharma Springs Publication content. In most cases, requests made via Rights Link, the Copyright Clearance Centre’s automated service, can be processed immediately. You may also request permission through the Copyright Clearance Center’s website at For instructions on requesting permission, see below.

Tips for a Successful Permissions Request

  1. Before you begin, ensure the content you wish to reuse is not credited to another source. Future Journal of Pharmaceuticals and Health Sciences Sponsored by Pharma Springs Publication can only grant permission for its own, original content, and any third-party material included within our publications is not included in any permission granted by Pharma Springs Publication.
  2. You will need to have the following information on-hand in order to proceed with your request. Lack of information wills likely result in delays or an inability to process your order.
  • Identifying information about the Pharma Springs Publication. Content you wish to reuse, including the ISSN, DOI, title, authors, volume, issue, and page numbers.
  • The way you wish to reuse the content and what rights you will require, including languages, formats, territories, and the expected print run/number of readers.
  • Please allow sufficient time for processing your request. If the request cannot immediately be approved through Rights Link, depending on the nature of your request and content requested, it may take up to four weeks to process your permission request.