Significance of Alternative Medicines in Treatment of Chronic Diseases: A Comprehensive Review


  • Afsar Shaik Faculty of Health Sciences, Villa College, Rah Dhebai Hingun 20373, Male', Maldives
  • Fazeen Mohamed Director, Pharmaceuticals Maldives Food and Drug Authority, Maldives



Alternative medicine, Chronic diseases, Efficacy and safety, Cost-effectiveness, Integrative approaches, Mind-body connection


The treatment of chronic diseases poses significant challenges to healthcare systems worldwide. While conventional medical approaches have made substantial progress, alternative medicines have gained recognition for their potential to complement or even substitute conventional treatments. This comprehensive review examines the role of alternative medications in chronic disease management, encompassing a wide range of modalities, from herbal remedies and acupuncture to mind-body therapies and chiropractic care. We explore the efficacy and safety of alternative treatments, mechanisms of action, patient perspectives, regulatory and ethical considerations, cost-effectiveness, and the potential for integration with conventional medicine. Drawing upon clinical studies, patient testimonials, and scholarly sources, this review highlights alternative medicine's diverse and evolving landscape, its significance in improving patient outcomes, and the challenges that must be addressed. We offer recommendations for patients, healthcare providers, and policymakers on integrating and responsible use of alternative medicines in chronic disease management.


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Shaik, A., & Mohamed, F. (2024). Significance of Alternative Medicines in Treatment of Chronic Diseases: A Comprehensive Review. Future Journal of Pharmaceuticals and Health Sciences, 4(3), 49–56.