Formulate and evaluate transdermal patches using Econazole




Econazole, Transdermal Patches, HPMC, Eudragit


The current project aims to formulate and evaluate econazole-based transdermal patches. At present, the market offers econazole tablets for purchase. These dose formulations do not elicit cooperation from patients. Therefore, because transdermal drug administration systems are simple to use and improve patient compliance, they have begun to gain momentum as innovative drug delivery methods. The research aims to use polymers like HPMC K 15M, HPMC K 100M, and HPMC K200M to build and evaluate econazole transdermal patches. The solvent casting technique for making econazole transdermal patches. To determine the formulation's approximate drug content, an appropriate in vitro technique is employed to investigate the drug release pattern. To delay the drug's release over a long period. To develop a dose form that prevents patient compliance and reduces dosage frequency for optimal drug utilization. Tween 80 plasticizer concentration was essential for patch creation and separation characteristics. For use as a plasticizer and solubility enhancer during the shelf life term, Tween 80 is chosen. The formulation F-5 was optimized for the desired qualities and was an effective batch.


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B, A. ., Konda , S. C. R., Gadapati , A. S., & Abubakar , S. (2024). Formulate and evaluate transdermal patches using Econazole. Future Journal of Pharmaceuticals and Health Sciences, 4(2), 62–67.



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