Formulation and Evaluation of Phenylephrine Nasal Gels


  • Ameer Pasha Shaik
  • Sowmy Adapa Department of Pharmaceutical Analysis, Sri Siddhartha Pharmacy College, Ammavarithota, Nuzvid, Kirishna District, Andhra Pradesh, India -521 201



Nasal gels, Phenylephrine, In vitro diffusion


The primary objective of this study is to develop and evaluate phenylephrine nasal gels, aiming for stable blood levels with lower drug doses through consistent administration, avoiding first-pass hepatic metabolism. Compatibility among the drug, polymers, and lipids was confirmed using FTIR and DSC spectra. Phenylephrine nasal gels were formulated, and their clarity assessed. The gels (ONGF1-ONGF8) had pH values of 6.1-7.2, spreadability of 18.33-21.62 g/cm/sec, and viscosity of 934.2-966.2 centipoises. Drug concentration in these formulations varied from 85.52% to 98.88%, indicating acceptable medication content. Gel strength ranged from 64% to 95%. In-vitro drug release of phenylephrine showed 77% to 95% diffusion for ONGF1. The release kinetics followed first order, zero order, Higuchi model, and Korsemeyer-Peppas equations. Kinetic values for all formulations were tabulated. ONGF1 exhibited the most efficient release, with 95% of the drug released within 7 hours, demonstrating a diffusion mechanism followed by non-Fickian transport, adhering to both zero order and Korsemeyer-Peppas models.Top of Form


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Shaik , A. P., & Adapa , S. (2024). Formulation and Evaluation of Phenylephrine Nasal Gels. International Journal of Clinical Pharmacokinetics and Medical Sciences, 4(1), 1–10.



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