Review on Food Analysis by Using Gas Chromatography




Stationary Phase, Mobile Phase, Carbohydrates, Fatty Acids


Explains gas chromatography (G.C.), a crucial analytical method used in the food business. It makes it possible to swiftly and affordably separate and identify complicated organic compounds. The substances that G.C. will analyse must quickly move into the gas phase and be volatile. An inert carrier gas vaporizes the substance to be examined and transports it through a substantial column. A packing material wrapped in an involatile liquid fills the column. In a mixture, the molecules of each material are divided between the gas and the liquid. A substance will move with the carrier gas longer and escape from the column more quickly the more volatile it is. G.C. must remove certain chemicals from the food analysis.


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Neelofar H, Karna Haripriya, Kishore Bandarapalle, Chekurthi Swetha Reddy, Kanugonda Jaswanth Reddy, & Koka Madhavi. (2022). Review on Food Analysis by Using Gas Chromatography. International Journal of Clinical Pharmacokinetics and Medical Sciences, 2(4), 125–135.



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