Formulation and evaluation of voriconazole nanocapsules


  • Subba Rao G Department of Pharmaceutics, Sri Siddhartha Pharmacy College, Ammavarithota, Nuzvid, Kirishna District, Andhra Pradesh, India -521 201
  • Sowmy Adapa Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Sri Siddhartha Pharmacy College, Ammavarithota, Nuzvid, Kirishna District, Andhra Pradesh, India -521 201



Voriconazole, Nanocapsules, Invitro dissolution studies, FTIR, DSC


The current study's goal was to create as well as assess voriconazole nanocapsules using the diffusion of emulsion solvent technology. Voriconazole was made using the emulsion solvent diffusion method and is loaded with ethyl cellulose and HPMC Nanocapsules. The FTIR data showed that there was no drug-polymer interaction and that voriconazole nanocapsules filled with ethyl cellulose were stable. The absence of incompatibility in the formulation was investigated using compatability investigations such as FTIR and DSC. SEM is used to determine the morphological particle size of the voriconazole nanocapsules. F1 through F8 are the complete formulation codes for which the nanocapsules were tested. A percentage yield of 83.32% to 88.61% was discovered. There was 65.8 to 98.5% drug content. The nanocapsules' particle size ranged from 78 µm to 33 µm, while their drug entrapment effectiveness ranged from 54.4% to 91.4% and their drug loading capacity from 56.8% to 97.7%. The study period for swellability was 0.8 to 1.5 seconds. The optimal formulation, F8, showed an in vitro dissolving rate of 61.89%. Numerous mathematical models, including zero order, first order, Higuchi matrix, and Korsmeyer Peppas model, were fitted to the available data on drug dissolution in vitro. The R2 value and m value of the Voriconazole Nanocapsules model were 0.937, 0.399, 0.899, 0.785, and 2.560, respectively. Up to 45 mints of medication were released from the nanocapsules. The HPMC and ethyl cellulose-loaded Voriconazole nanocapsules were made under ideal circumstances and have good release properties.


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G, S. R., & Adapa, S. (2024). Formulation and evaluation of voriconazole nanocapsules. International Journal of Experimental and Biomedical Research, 3(1), 36–44.



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