A comprehensive review on technology transfer





Technology, Life cycle, Intellectual property


In the evolving corporate world, there's a growing focus on leveraging technological assets through technology transfer, a trend fueled by globalization, economic liberalization, and stronger intellectual property rights since the World Trade Organization's inception. These factors have integrated technology transfer as a critical aspect of the global business framework. However, the process of technology transfer is complex, and transferees often lack the necessary skills for effective management. While existing literature extensively covers these topics, it notably lacks practical solutions for these challenges. To bridge this gap, this paper introduces a novel "Life Cycle Approach for Planning and Implementing a Technology Transfer Project." This approach is designed to help avoid common pitfalls and address key management issues in technology transfer. The study begins by exploring the concept of technology transfer and reviews several existing models. It evaluates their pros and cons, leading to the proposition of the "Life Cycle Approach." This innovative model is intended to resolve frequent problems encountered by technology transferees, providing a structured methodology for managing technology transfer initiatives. The paper concludes with a mention of a project by the UNESCAP Asian and Pacific Centre for Transfer of Technology (APCTT), which utilizes this Life-Cycle concept. This project exemplifies the approach's practicality in enhancing the Asia-Pacific region's technology transfer capabilities, highlighting its relevance and applicability in diverse global contexts.


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Bandarapalle, K. ., Komarla Kumarachari , R. ., & Mohanrao, S. . (2024). A comprehensive review on technology transfer. International Journal of Experimental and Biomedical Research, 3(1), 23–35. https://doi.org/10.26452/ijebr.v3i1.564



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